Matt Rosburg

Matt and his four children (ages 13 to 18) currently reside in Sioux Falls, but he has been known to come home for a visit, only to end up in the field fixing a water main break throughout the night, or helping on other projects. Just like his two younger siblings, he also spent a good deal of time on the job site over the years. Matt’s schooling took him other directions than construction, as he has spent a majority of his time in the health field. He has worked as a paramedic, for the American Red Cross, Avera, Lions Eye Bank, Plasma Center, and EMSI doing wellness clinics and health exams throughout the States. When he’s not busy doing that or running with kids’ activities, you may find him driving for Lyft/Uber in his decked-out van in the Sioux Falls area. During the colder months, you can spot him in his bright orange, reflective Rosburg Construction jacket!