Liberty, Enterprise, & Reform

Individual Liberty

You will hear me say this often, “I would rather trust my neighbor with more freedom than my government with more power.” “If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, then what difference is it to me?”
— Thomas Jefferson

Economic Opportunity/
Free Enterprise

These two are closely related. We need to eliminate unnecessary barriers to success imposed by government. People should be FREE to ENTERPRISE, to be in business with minimal government involvement. Many times, these barriers disproportionately affect those at the lowest end of the economic ladder. The Free Enterprise system is the best way to allow those at the bottom to climb the economic ladder.

Criminal Justice Reform

We need more focus on addiction/recovery treatment and mental health services as an alternative to incarceration … elimination of ingestion of a controlled substance as a felony … more focus on rehabilitation/education while incarcerated, as opposed to just being a punishment/punitive measure…